3TOX™ Spinning Bike - X1


The X1 is the perfect combination of affordability and performance for active riders. It features easy adjustability for a great fit and cycling shoe clips for more efficient pedal strokes. The affordable and effective work-out, the 3TOX™ Spinning Bike - X1.

Wedge Design Handlebar

Our wedge design keeps your position secure and stable, adjustable to fit your ideal work-out position.
Adjustable Seat
Fore and aft adjustment provides maximum comfort and a personalised fit for all sizes.
Durable Design
Heavy Duty frame tubes mean more durability.
Adjustable Resistance 
Big resistance knob allows for precise adjustments and quick stops.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT: This bike is easy to assemble and ideal for home or studio use.
  • ERGONOMIC design: The adjustable parts provide extreme comfort while cycling. Change the height of the seat and the position of the handlebars to meet your preferences, and set up the resistance and tension of the bike to customize your needs.
  • DRIVE MECHANISM: Enjoy a smooth and quiet workout session anytime and anywhere of your choice. The engineering of the bike helps you reach the maximum fitness results in minimum time by transferring the pedal motion and controlling the spinning speed between rotations.
  • KEEPING TRACK: This bike’s LCD display shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse for heart rate. You will be able to see your progress and stay motivated throughout the whole workout session. Witness your cardiovascular system getting better and your body becoming stronger by comparing your past results.
  • STABLE SUPPORT: This bike has a sturdy base and a strong frame that can support any cyclist who is up to 120kg. Secure the screws and bolts in their designated positions by using the top quality tools provided by the manufacturer, and enjoy your workout with no worries.


Machine name

Spinning Bike - X1


Home trainer/Spinning Bike





Braking mode

Wool felt brake system

Resistance adjustment

Rotary resistance adjustment


High-quality steel tube main thickness 2.5 to 3.0 mm.


Electrostatic powder-coated and heat cured.

Dimensions (L*W*H):


Warranty Information:

1 Year


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